Stickers rim Suzuki GSX 1250


Stickers jantes moto Suzuki GSX 1250 (pour 2 jantes) :

Le kit stickers jante moto suzuki GSX 1250 pour les 2 jantes comprend :

  • Les liserets pré-courbés de 8mm avec 8 petits stickers Susuki et 8 petits stickers GSX 1250 pour les 2 jantes
  • 4 Stickers Susuki wheel interiors
  • 4 Stickers intérieurs de jantes GSX 1250
  • 1 Logos Suzuki
  • Choice of colors

Customize your decorating kit with our online configurator!



Stickers jante Suzuki GSX 1250 (kit pour 2 jantes) :

Le kit deco Stickers jante GSX 1250 pour les 2 jantes comprend :

  • Les liserets pré-courbés de 8mm avec 8 petits stickers SUZUKI et 8 petits sticker GSX 1250 pour les 2 jantes
  • 4 Stickers rim interiors Suzuki
  • 4 Stickers intérieurs de jantes GSX 1250
  • 1 Logos Suzuki
  • Professional quality with permanent hold*.

*Self-adhesive with 100μ monomer glue which allows a permanent hold but also a resistance to water projections and UV.
Our high quality vinyls are designed and manufactured in France.

Stickers jantes moto Suzuki GSX 1250 – comment les poser ?

Le kit stickers jantes moto suzuki GSX 1250 est simple à poser, quelque soit la taille ou la surface de la jante, le procéder reste le même. Tu trouveras ci-dessous un tutoriel pour t’aider à poser correctement ton kit stickers de jante GSX 1250. Avant toute chose, voici les précautions à prendre :

  • Check that the rim is perfectly smooth.
  • Clean and degrease the rim with soap/alcohol water. Do not use WD40 or other products with silicone. The rim must be perfectly clean.
  • Do not handle the stickers on the glue side.
  • If the stickers are not installed immediately, store them in a dry place out of the sun.
  •  At the time of the installation, choose a room with a temperature of at least 15°c, sheltered from wind and dust. It is also possible to heat the rim before installing the stickers to ensure a good adhesion of the adhesives. A too cold temperature will not allow an optimal adhesion of the stickers.
  • Add our scraper to your Order to not miss the installation of your stickers motorcycle rim
  • After the installation, avoid contact with cold and humidity to guarantee a good adhesion of the adhesives

Complete TUTO to install your rim decoration kit :

Complete video tutorial for the installation of the rim decoration kit:

Est-il possible de personnaliser mes Stickers Jantes GSX 1250?

Personalize your stickers motorcycle rim with our effects! We propose for your rim decoration kit the following effects: Holographic / Photoluminescent / Retroreflective / Fluo / Gloss / Mat. -> Go here to know more about our effects of stickers !

You can also customize your own rim decoration kit with our instant configurator!

Kit deco jante Susuki GSX 1250, quelles couleurs possibles ?

Our motorcycle rim deco kits are available by default in the following colors: White / Black / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Cyan / Blue / Pink. You can also choose the color you want with our specific color option or by going on our configurator!

A question about the rim decoration kit? A request for customization ? Do not hesitate to contact us via the page contact :

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Size 30 × 60 × 40 cm

White, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Black, Orange, Pink, Red, Green


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